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 Get FREE one-on-one tutoring. Improve your skills.

We can help you:

  • Read and write better
  • Do basic math & budgets
  • Read with your child
  • Fill out forms & applications

…and MORE!

You will:

  • Choose your goals
  • Set your schedule
  • Work at your pace
  • Get free materials

Make a plan that is right for you.

FREE tutoring in English for adults (16 years +) in Brome-Missisquoi & Haute-Yamaska.

If you know someone who wants help, tell them about YLC!

Scribe Service

FREE scribe service to help you with print or online documents.

We can help you:

  • Read or understand documents
  • Fill out forms & applications
  • Apply for services or benefits

Lifelong Learning

life skills

We all need to practice our literacy skills throughout life. Literacy is a “use it or lose it” skill.

YLC offers Lifelong Learning Workshops:

…and MORE!


More details below for specific workshops.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy means having the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep up with changes in technology.

Get help to:

  • Use basic functions on your computer or tablet
  • Build confidence to use the internet
  • Set up an email account
  • Understand online safety (secure passwords, how to recognize a scam, etc.)
  • Use online services (banking, booking medical appointments, etc.)
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Use social media (Facebook, What’s App, etc.)
  • Join a Zoom meeting

….and MORE!

 Build your digital literacy skills:

  • Join a digital literacy workshop
  • Get one-to-one tutoring
  • Get FREE digital literacy tip sheets, workbooks, and lesson plans!

Check out  FREE digital literacy courses, lessons, and tip sheets offered by ABC Life Literacy

Digital Literacy Basics


Health Literacy

Health Literacy

Health literacy means having the skills to access, understand and use information for health (The Canadian Public Health Association)

60% of adults in Canada are unable to obtain, understand and act upon health information and services and to make appropriate health decisions on their own. Seniors, immigrants and unemployed people have, on average, lower levels of health literacy skills (Health Literacy in Canada: A Healthy Understanding – Canadian Council on Learning, 2008).

Health literacy impacts our ability to:

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices (i.e. compare nutrition labels)
  • Find AND understand health & safety information
  • Communicate with health providers (i.e. share information about our health history & symptoms)

Manage your health literacy. Get YLC’s free Health Booklet.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means having the skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about managing money.

Many people lack confidence or feel stressed about financial literacy. You can learn skills to help you manage your money with confidence.

Do you need help to?:

  • Make a spending plan
  • Understand saving & borrowing
  • Bank and shop safely online
  • Be more confident about your money

…and more?

Check out these free online financial literacy courses offered by ABC Life Literacy



Financial Literacy

Contact YLC for more information about financial literacy materials or workshops

Youth & Family Literacy


At YLC, we believe that early literacy fosters a love of reading and prevents literacy difficulties.

YLC offers workshops & materials for parents and caregivers, to help them support young readers.

Check out YLC’s family literacy resources:

Learning with your Child_REV2020-1_Page_01

Learning with Your Child: A booklet for Parents and Caregivers
A booklet of practical tips to foster a love of reading in children 0-5 years.

Tips and Strategies for ELementary School Volunteers 2013_Page_01

Tips and Strategies for Reading with Young Children
Simple strategies to support emerging readers.

YLC- Activity Booklet_Page_01

Summer Fun with YLC
Fun learning activities for kids of all ages

YLC offers Family Literacy Programs

Yes, You Can

A series of workshops that engage parents and young children in early literacy development through stories, crafts, music and movement.


Books to Belly

A series of workshops that engages families in literacy through storytelling, books and cooking together.

This program was created by Literacy in Action and has been delivered by YLC in several communities.


For information on upcoming family literacy workshops and programs, contact us.

Skills for Life & Work

Skills for Success are the foundational skills that we need for work, learning and life.

Skills for Success help people:

  • Find and keep work
  • Adapt to workplace change
  • Retrain for new jobs

Get FREE help to improve your skills. We can:

  • Provide one-to-one tutoring. Set your goals, work at your own pace.
  • Provide materials & workbooks that help you develop your work force, workplace and soft skills.
  • Refer you to local resources that help you make a CV, search for jobs, practice for interviews, etc.

Strengthen your skills:

Contact YLC for more information or to sign up for service.

FREE service to English-speaking adults (16 years +) in Brome-Missisquoi & Haute-Yamaska.